Current projects, 3/28/2015

What I’m Working On

Poetry: I’ve been writing three poems for roughly five weeks, and have produced 112 poems in that time. (There was an extra poem one day.) Most are not keepers, but writing at that pace has its advantages. I don’t expect every poem to be good, so the pressure is off, which frees up my mind; I take risks and go places I wouldn’t normally go, just to get my quota in; and I quickly forget what I’ve written, which speeds up the process of looking at the words more objectively, seeing what needs to be revised and what needs to be put out of its misery.

Long fiction: I’m plugging away at my horror novel. I wouldn’t say I’m done with the planning and plotting, but I have some actual words on the (virtual) page now. I threw out my previous start, which was headed down a dead end.

Short fiction: A few new tales in the fantastic vein are in the works — some with the first draft completed, some still brewing in the back of my skull, and one or two nearly ready to send out.

Nonfiction: I finally turned in my column for The Same. Revising a short essay on lying. Outlining an ebook on databases for beginners, but I’m not sure I’ll go through with that one. Is there actually an audience for it?

Non-writing: Everyone in the family is doing a found art project. The original deadline was the end of March, but we’ve extended it. The objects I’ve been gathering are starting to coalesce into a visual theme. Also, I’m considering shaving off my beard again.