Status update, June 6 2015: scribble, scribble!

scribbling primate

Works currently out on submission:

  • 5 fiction pieces to 2 markets
  • 23 poems to 7 markets

Rejections so far this month: 1

Acceptances so far this month: 0

What I’m working on:

  • A book about creative writing
  • One of many short story ideas, this one in the horror genre
  • A novel about demonic possession
  • As part of a Facebook group project, I’m trying to write 365 poems or more in 2015. Poems completed this week (first draft) are:
    • “Fogged Panes,” a surreal lyric that probably isn’t worth keeping or revising.
    • “The Parasite,” a bit of satire, again with a surreal take. Although short, a little too long. Has potential, I think.
    • “To Biblion: A Meander,” a stream of consciousness ramble. The title is Greek for “the book,” meaning the Bible. (I had some New Testament Greek in college, so that’s slightly less pretentious than it might be–right?)
    • “Calculated,” a short philosophical lyric.
    • “It’s Been Collecting,” a humorous (I hope) something about popular culture.
    • “Morning, Trembling,” a slice of life about our dogs and thunderstorms.
    • “At Least There’s That,” a satirical prose poem.

(Image: Allegorie der Tulipomanie, by Jan Breughel the Younger, 1640s)